Gedanken, Geschichten und Ideen

We live in a society which has established itself through commerce. The majority of our food comes from factories, and it may surprise you to know that the production of food for human consumption goes on 24 hours a day.

We buy food, and we expect retailers, producers and middlemen to deliver it in the right quantities and with the right standards of food safety.

But there is little transparency in this system: where does your food come from? How is it grown? Does it have the nutrients it claims to have?

One of our goals at JoinOrder is to be able to answer these questions for all the items we list on our website.

Next time you visit a supermarket try answering these and see how you feel about the results? If you asked where does this Apple come from and someone said Germany is that a good enough answer for you? Or if it is labeled as ‘regional’ what does that mean? Does it mean its from Germany, or Berlin? Why don’t supermarkets tell you the exact farm, or give you information about the farming practices? Rather than giving such high level generic tags?

When we order food delivery we know the restaurant, we know the delivery company, we are shown when it was prepared, how long it took to get delivered, some apps even show us the name of the person who is delivering our food. Yet for our everyday fresh produce we given generic tags like ‘Germany’ or ‘regional’, this really seems like the supermarkets way of keeping our eyes away from the real questions.

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